Masha | Washed | Burundi

Sweet, juicy, all the berries, strudel


Origin: Burundi

Region: Gihororo Subregion, Kayanza Province

Farm/CWS: Masha

Producer: Greenco registered farmers (2000+ contributors)

Altitude: 1672m

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed


Masha is one of 13 stations in Burundi run by Greenco. Founded by François Bercher in 2015 and currently operated by MD Eddy Nkanagu.

Their mission is to raise the profile of Burundi on the global coffee market and improve the lives of coffee growing communities, in what is officially one of the poorest countries on the planet.

I feel the need to be careful talking about any tangible difference we're making by purchasing from a region I've never even been to.

At the end of the day we run a business based in the UK that makes money selling coffee. That said, working with companies like Greenco, Longmiles, Raw Material in Burundi makes me feel pretty good about my choice of vocation.

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Sustainability & Post Life

Tub: Contains recycled material | FSC certified mixed sources | Recycle with paper at home

Tape: Made from plants | Recycle with paper at home

Coffee Bag: Recyclable LDPE with EVOH barrier and WIPF Recyclable Valve | Recycle with bags at larger supermarkets (4 LDPE)

Diamond Sticker: Foil-coated polypropylene material | Non-recyclable | Diamonds are forever

Tasting Card: Made from 100% recycled fibre​ | ​​FSC® certified and carries the EU Ecolabel | Recycle with paper at home

Coffee FAQ

Does your coffee come as whole bean or ground?

We only sell whole bean coffee. This is to ensure you make the best cup possible and a big part of that is grinding the coffee just before using it.

If you're in need of a grinder, head to our brewing store.

What's the difference between espresso and filter roast?

We profile most of our coffees for both espresso and filter. In basic terms, espresso coffee is often more developed and slightly darker than a filter roast. This varies with each coffee and in general we roast our coffee to what is considered a light/modern profile. Which one is best for you depends on your intended brewing method.

You can search by brew type on our shop.

Is your coffee roasted to order?

We roast multiple times throughout the week and dispatch online orders twice per week (at minimum). Due to the way we roast coffee, we recommend a minimum rest period of 10 days before brewing.