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Hello again esteemed and valued customer! x

So the first ever newsletter was a resounding success! Over 55% of you opened it, and over 10% of you purchased coffee. If I'd not sprained my ankle I'd jump for joy!

So yeah, let's get down to business... people seem to like discounts, if you are people then use code ***** to receive **% off our beautiful Christmas blend (until we run out).

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Coffee News  

We love coffee, we drink it all the time. This month we especially love Fabian Rojas’s coffee. We first purchased from him back in 2021, it was the best thing we’d ever had... until we bought from him again this year. If you want to treat your loved ones, or you want to treat yourself, this fancy Colombian Java is the one for filter hands down. 

We also really like coffee, and we understand the need to jump through certain hoops at this time of year. We’ve made a Christmas blend. Being completely honest it’s probably still a bit too Cuppers for the more “traditional” members of my family, but definitely Christmassy enough to wake up the rest and put smile on their faces (they'll probably want milk and sugar still). It’s Omni and pretty darn good for all brew methods... you could buy one for everybody you know to show them that you care.

Cuppers News  

Not too much to report here. Callum’s got his pay rise. We finally created a more defined roll for Jake. Thomas has been in a bit of a funk this week and it’s affecting his table football abilities. Harley is going on about prices and margins again, something about tangible returns and risk analysis, I don’t really understand it... as a result we’ve had to put the price of Christmas blend up by a pound, luckily though he doesn’t read the mailer so the discount should slip right past him. Jasper (me), I’m making AI art on Dischord half the time, I’m not very good at it, which is worrying as the robot is meant to take care of that. 

World News  

Ok... the biggest thing effecting our world right now is Mail Strikes. I have to apologise if you’ve experienced any order delays. The most frustrating thing about the strikes is that we support them (like, quietly, shamefully quietly tbh). If you go to work, don’t spend on nonsense like fancy coffee tubs, and still can’t pay your bills, what are you gonna do? Strike. 

In other world news it’s Christmas. Yes notice how I used the religiously affiliated Christ containing name for this festive period. We’re not religious, well not in any structured or easily defined way, so why are we perpetuating the Christian claim to this time of the year? Really it’s mostly down to what looks good on a label, that and knowing that we’ll eventually slip up and call Christmas at some point any way... I don’t know, whatever it means to you I hope it’s a good time for you and your people, our families are into it and we’ve already started spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. 

That's the long and short of it. Have a good festive holiday time! Give the gift of Cuppers x

December 07, 2022 — Jasper Dumas
Tags: Blog