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How do you do? It's been a while.

The world keeps on turning, the world doesn't care if I write a newsletter or not. Spring has sprung so it's likely this will be the last newsletter for a while, doing computer stuff while the sun is shining isn't fun or groovy. Anyway, lets cut to the chase...

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Coffee News  

Kibingo is back, and it's amazing, so that's cool.

We found a new direct trade partner, well when I say we found, I mean he found us. It's not often Kenyan coffee producers find themselves in the industrial badlands of North Sheffield... or at least I don't think it is, it might be more common than I imagine... actually I only know one Kenyan coffee producer, and I met him here so 100% of the Kenyan producers I know have ties to Sheffield. Anyway, we bought a sack of badboy peaberry from Sidney Kibet, he runs a project called Lot 20 in Kenya... we're gonna bring in a lot more sacks from him, the coffee is great. Funny how stuff just happens. Like, if you're patient and keep an open mind every now and then the world just plops exactly the person you want to meet right in your path (actually I need to give James at the GCC some credit here, he brought Sidney over to the unit, nice one James).

Cuppers News 

We have a new website, it's very full of things to read and look at. We spent some money on it and had ChatGPT write most of the copy so it should be pretty sweet. There's something else I'd like to tell you all about but I don't think I'm allowed... screw it... NEW PACKAGING... AMAZING NEW PACKAGING... ONE DAYYYYY!

Now some updates on the team:

  • Thomas is back in the good books, and out of some of his Quickbooks duties. If you're gonna pretend to be an accountant you should use a calculator next time pal.
  • Harley is back in a good mood. He got bare moody with Thomas for a bit, then he had a week off and chilled out... I've just realised we missed his birthday while he was off.
  • Callum bought a Mini Cooper, it's jokes. He's all tattooed and hardcore, it's like he's got a sporty little clown car now, need to get him a horn that plays a song.
  • Jake has returned from gigging all over with the bit between his teeth, he's turned into quite a tenacious Cupper, I'm into it.
  • Jasper, well I'm going to Albania on Sunday, gonna turn my phone off for a week and have long hard think about anything but coffee.


World News 

There's a new old white dude on the throne of England, he's not like the others, he's apparently been to Tottenham. Can I just state here that if you are interested in speciality coffee for it's potential to shift the world power balance in favour of the oppressed, repressed, ignored, used, enslaved ETC, celebrating the ascension of a new royal to our throne of lies is comparable to buying a jar of Kenco for when your in-laws are visiting.

Sudan is a fucking tragedy, don't think much of this country really cares though... they will when they realise pretty much every product we consume contains Gum Arabic, most of which is produced there. Yes that's right Rizla smokers, that same stuff that sticks your joints together.

Israeli forces are fucking shit up with Palestine again. I can say that because I'm quarter Jewish and not a member of the Labour Party. Free Palestine.

Donald Trump is officially a sex offender, but he's still in the race for most powerful man in the world.

Enjoy Eurovision everyone, at least that's a laugh.

Views expressed in this mailer do not necessarily represent the views of Cuppers Choice LTD, but mostly they do.

Stay Safe!x

May 12, 2023 — Jasper Dumas
Tags: Blog