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Bon 2023, Merry January! x

Doing newsletters is great. Last time 282 of you opened it, 13 unsubscribed, and 76 clicked a link to our shop... imagine the number if we had a proper good website and read a blog about marketing.

The festive period was expensive, and peng coffee is essential to get the wheels of financial endeavour turning again through Jan. If money's too tight to mention round your way too, use the discount code ***** and get a **% discount off all coffee purchases for the rest of the month.

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Coffee News  

The C market has just crashed, what does this mean? It means that if coffee farmers have to sell all their produce today they will likely be selling it at below the cost of production (we think). This information is based on back of napkin calculations and extrapolating data out of the 2019 Caravela "Cost of Production" report.

We have a bunch of coffees, we bought them all well above the cost of production. We're now trying to to arrange 3 year deals with our main trade partners, negotiating prices based on the true cost of production, with a set profit margin specified by the farmer.

The sad fact is that most coffee producers don't hold the same skills in financial literacy as farmers in the Global North. This is not by mistake but by design. We're immediately looking to remedy this by building a simple to fill in spreadsheet, translated into native tongue, detailing all associated costs with coffee production, current market rates, enabling farmers to set their own margin clearly, understanding before they've sold their product how much profit they will make.

Also Galena Gesha is the flavour of the month (apparently I need to include more links and calls to action BUY HERE)

Cuppers News 

We've had a bit of a day of it today, Pheobe (the cheekier of the Cuppers dogs) is in the office, Dom from Conti is hangin around, a bunch of lovely folk have come by to pick up old stock, Harley has had a barmy with the lad who sells bushcraft supplies from accross the way. Thomas is working from home because he can't handle the heat. Jake's doing music, or bricklaying, or catering, or whatever else it is he does when he's not looking after our clients. Callum messed up the Shwarma order.

World News  

Pele has passed, this is a huge shame, especially if you like football... We like football, but love Brazil. Bolsonaro is tool, his supporters are also tools, don't think that's a controversial opinion, but if you think is... tool.

And there we have it, our two pence x

January 13, 2023 — Jasper Dumas
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