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Hi there, yes, we've done another newsletter.

This was supposed to be a regular thing, but I'm in charge of writing it, and I'm also in charge of customer retention, coffee releases, and a load of other stuff that's more important than making up silly discount codes...

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Cor this is exciting!

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Coffee News  

We’re all drinking bath salts. No word of a lie, we are actually using bath salts in our brewing water... If you’ve had a brew made by us in the last month I 100% guarantee it had bath salts in it. Not special coffee bath salts, just plain old Epsom Salts from Boots, it increases the Magnesium content of our Sheffield tap water and makes everything taste beautiful. I learned how to do it from Harley, I think he learned it from here: www.baristahustle.com/blog/diy-water-recipes-the-world-in-two-bottles/ 

Oh yeah, this is where I give a call to action... We’ve released some absolute fire this month, you have to try Aquiares (Costa Rica), and Masha (Burundi). Obviously I think they’re all delicious, but those two might just change your life. 

Cuppers News 

As a business we turned 3 last week, it was pretty cool. We didn’t have a birthday party, instead we sent cake, coffee, and beer to all our friends and clients... it was really expensive and is yet yield any tangible returns. 

Harley got another dog, his name is Pablo, he is brown. Thomas is going Skiing tomorrow and making me look after his dog Nola. Callum has an earache, he’s had it for ages, I blame 15 years of listening to hardcore techno. Jake has gone to Texas to play guitar at a festival. My girlfriend is in Austria, everyone I know has exciting plans, I look after the dogs and stay at home, wish I hadn’t maxed out those credit cards back in 2019. 


World News 

The Garry Lineker VS BBC thing has been an absolute pleasure. Andrew Tate is still in jail in Romania, which is also an absolute pleasure. I don’t really want to pass comment on anything else because there’s a lot going on that isn’t a pleasure at all. Might take the paddle board out from Dover and see if I get a free trip to origin. 

Views expressed in this mailer do not necessarily represent the views of Cuppers Choice LTD, but mostly they do.

Stay Safe!x

March 17, 2023 — Jasper Dumas
Tags: Blog