Timemore Basic Plus Scales | Black Mirror


Introducing the Timemore Basic Plus Scales in a stylish Black Mirror finish - a budget-friendly gem for coffee enthusiasts who want reliable brewing scales without the mad price tag.

With a sleek Black Mirror design, these scales effortlessly blend into your coffee setup. The high-precision sensor ensures accurate measurements, keeping your coffee game consistent. The LCD display provides quick and easy monitoring, so you're always in control with ratios, weights and timings.

What's sweet about these scales is that they won't break the bank. At roughly 25% of the cost of the Acaia Pearls, you could have 4 sets of these scales for the same price. They're affordable but pack a punch in features. The built-in timer is perfect for honing your pour-over skills without extra fuss. Plus, they're compact and portable, ideal for coffee adventures on the move.

For those who appreciate a quality brew without the hefty cost, the Timemore Basic Plus Scales deliver the best of both worlds. Upgrade your coffee game without burning through your budget—grab a pair today and enjoy precision brewing without the splurge.


  • LCD screen with timer and weight
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Laser-engraved buttons for increased tactile feel and visibility
  • Ideal for on the go and travelling