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We hired an SEO expert and they told us about how important blogs are. We asked if anybody actually reads them anymore, to which they replied "not really, but the Google bots do and that's all that matters". 

After about a month of working with us, feeling somewhat unimpressed with our work ethic and lack of motivation to write a blog post, they suggested that we use ChatGPT to ghostwrite for us and do all the hard work.

They showed us how to use it and explained the benefits. "All you have to do is scan over it at the end and put your little spin on it, easy as that, job done" said Will.

Well, we're busy guys around here and we don't have time to be pretending to write entertaining, expert expositions (they also told us alliteration works well) so we decided to come clean, cut out the middle man and just ask ChatGPT for it's thoughts on some of the most common coffee questions out there. 

That said, we are professionals and experts in our field and therefore we'll be providing a short assessment of how we think the magical chatbot handled the question. 

For episode one, we asked ChatGPT: "Please could you write an informative blog post in a fun manner whilst considering SEO for the following topic: What grind size should I use for my coffee?"

Here's what it said...

Are you a coffee lover looking to level up your brewing game? If so, you’ve probably realised that the grind size of your coffee beans plays a big role in how your coffee tastes. But with so many different grind sizes out there, how do you know which one to choose?

In this post, we’ll go over the basics of coffee grind size and give you some tips on how to choose the right grind for your brewing method. Let’s get started!

What is Coffee Grind Size?

Coffee grind size refers to how finely or coarsely your coffee beans are ground. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes to extract the best flavour from the coffee.

Why Does Grind Size Matter?

Grind size matters because it affects how quickly water can extract flavour from the coffee. A finer grind size will allow water to extract more flavour in less time, while a coarser grind size will extract less flavour over a longer period.

If you use the wrong grind size for your brewing method, you may end up with coffee that is too weak or too bitter. Choosing the right grind size is essential for getting the perfect cup of coffee.

How to Choose the Right Grind Size

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right grind size for your coffee:

  1. Brewing Method: Different brewing methods require different grind sizes. For example, French press coffee requires a coarse grind, while espresso requires a very fine grind. Check the instructions for your brewing method to find out what grind size is recommended.

  2. Brew Time: If your brewing method requires a longer brew time, you may need to use a coarser grind to prevent the coffee from becoming too bitter.

  3. Water Temperature: If your brewing method uses hotter water, you may need to use a finer grind to ensure that the coffee is fully extracted.

  4. Personal Taste: Ultimately, the right grind size for your coffee will depend on your personal taste. If you prefer a stronger or weaker cup of coffee, you may need to adjust the grind size accordingly.

Grind Size Guide

Here’s a quick guide to the most common grind sizes and the brewing methods they’re best suited for:

  • Coarse Grind: French press, percolator, cold brew

  • Medium-Coarse Grind: Chemex, drip coffee maker with a flat bottom filter

  • Medium Grind: Drip coffee maker with a cone-shaped filter

  • Medium-Fine Grind: Aeropress, pour-over, vacuum coffee maker

  • Fine Grind: Espresso, moka pot

  • Extra Fine Grind: Turkish coffee

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right grind size is essential for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. By considering factors such as brewing method, brew time, water temperature, and personal taste, you can find the perfect grind size for your needs.

Experiment with different grind sizes to find out what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to try something new! With a little practice, you’ll be brewing barista-level coffee in no time.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about coffee grind size! We hope you found this post helpful, and happy brewing!

The Cuppers Assessment

It's not bad. It's a bit basic, but then again so was the question. Harley's take was "Well they’ve fucked the French press grind up". We'd suggest grinding French press closer to coarse-medium and brewing it like a cupping bowl, without plunging. See our brewing guide here.

Jasper wasn't sure about that whole temperature thing. What's that about? Hotter water = finer grind? Maybe that works if you're a robot.

Well, that's it for episode one! What a whirlwind. What do you think? Was it helpful? Do you love the concept? Are there any questions you would like us to ask ChatGPT? Tune in next time when we'll be asking "Should I buy whole bean or ground coffee?".

July 05, 2023 — Thomas Miller
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