Efficiency, Reliability, Quality

Making great coffee is a lot easier with great kit! We partner with leading industry names to provide the perfect set-up for each café's unique needs and budget. Whether you're equipping a new site, or looking to up your game, we have the solution for you.

These are our primary partners, if you're looking for something specific that you don't see below please get in touch.

Victoria Arduino

VA machines are renowned for their advanced technology, elegant design, and exceptional performance, making them a favorite of baristas and coffee lovers around the world. If you're looking for the best in the market look no further.


Mahlkonig is a German manufacturer of high-end coffee grinders known for their precision engineering and exceptional grind quality. Their products, like the classic EK43, are used in cafes, roasteries, and competitions worldwide, and are prized for their consistent performance and durability.


La Spaziale have probably done more for the UK speciality coffee scene than any other manufacturer. We call the La Spaziale S9 our Italian stallion, it’s a work horse that wont let you down. If it’s reliability on a budget you’re looking for, look no further.


Puqpress is a precision coffee tamper that revolutionizes the espresso preparation process. Developed in Australia, it's a robotic tamper that eliminates human error and variability, ensuring consistent and perfect tamping pressure every time. This workflow tool is a barista's best friend.


Dittingare the ultimatehigh-end commercial coffee grinders, renowned for their precision and durability. They use powerful motors and large burrs to produce consistent, uniform grounds, resulting in superior coffee quality. Swiss engineered genius in the cup.


Anfim grinders are high-performance coffee grinders designed for precision and consistency. They feature powerful motors, large grinding burrs, and adjustable settings for creating the perfect grind for each coffee bean and brewing method. They are also really well priced.