Carlos Martinez | Anoxic Natural | Colombia

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Roast Profile


Origin: Colombia

Region: Higuerón, Huila

Farm/CWS: La Esperanza

Producer: Carlos Martinez

Altitude: 1630m

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Anoxic Natural


Carlos Martínez, 51 years old, is the first coffee grower in his family.

Tired of living amid the armed conflict on the border with Ecuador, he decided to enter the world of coffee. Only a year ago, together with his family, he decided to embark on the apprenticeship of specialty coffees, since coffee growing has conquered his heart.

At present, on his farm, he has different varieties of coffee, among which are Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, and Catimor. Their production processes are varied, employing different fermentation methods.

Carlos Martinez and his family are committed to the search for excellence in coffee production. Through their dedication and constant learning, they hope to offer high-quality coffee.

Sustainability & Post Life
  • Carbon neutral production
  • Post-consumer wastemade pouches from a minimum of 83% recycled material
  • Recycle with bags at larger supermarkets (4 LDPE)
  • Remove label if possible (don't worry if not, we've ensured it's under the industry standard 5% of the whole item, so it can be recycled)

Coffee FAQ

Does your coffee come as whole bean or ground?

We only sell whole bean coffee. This is to ensure you make the best cup possible and a big part of that is grinding the coffee just before using it.

If you're in need of a grinder, head to our brewing store.

What's the difference between espresso and filter roast?

We profile most of our coffees for both espresso and filter. In basic terms, espresso coffee is often more developed and slightly darker than a filter roast. This varies with each coffee and in general we roast our coffee to what is considered a light/modern profile. Which one is best for you depends on your intended brewing method.

You can search by brew type on our shop.

Is your coffee roasted to order?

We roast multiple times throughout the week and dispatch online orders twice per week (at minimum). Due to the way we roast coffee, we recommend a minimum rest period of 10 days before brewing.