Hario V60 Coffee Dripper | Plastic Size 02

By Hario

Hario's iconic V60 coffee dripper is a must-have for any coffee head. Its unique conical shape helps you filter and brew coffee to perfection.

We sell the transparent/clear plastic 02 size as it makes enough coffee to indulge just one person, or enough to share for two. The plastic build helps provide durability (can't tell you how many times we've dropped these) and great heat retention.

This V60 model is an excellent choice for beginners, and it comes with a measuring scoop and a "How to Brew" manual. If you're new to using a coffee dripper, we recommend checking out our V60 brew guides (coming soon) to help you get the best results from your coffee.


  • Size 02
  • 1 to 4 Cups Capacity
  • Made from Durable Heat-Resistant Plastic
  • Lightweight and Good Heat-Retention